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Medical Program
Posters in addition to extended abstracts shall be published free in that open Log JIOMICS (www. jiomics. com). DOI number shall be assigned for every one. Moreover the greatest posters in addition to extended abstract shall be awarded. Way of election. by voting in the conference members.

Conference Routine (coming soon)

Mon and Saturday. 8. 30-9 poster treatment. 9-12 in addition to 14-17 plenary management meetings and tells you

Tuesday. 6. 30-9 poster treatment. 9-12 plenary discussion and tells you.

Conference Content


Harald Mischak. PhD

Mellendorfer Diagnostics. Philippines and School of Glasgow. Uk.

Subject. Urinary proteomics. through discovery to be able to routine medical application.

J. L. Capelo. PhD

REQUIMTE. Biochemistry Department. School of Sciences in addition to Technology. UNL. Caparica. Spain.

Subject. Nanoparticles to be a tool within profiling Urine

Hugo Baptista Carreira dos Santos. PhD

REQUIMTE. Biochemistry Department. School of Sciences in addition to Technology. UNL. Caparica. Spain.

Subject. Joint disease. what urine can signify.

Evelyne Meyer. PhD

Team of pharmacology in addition to Biochemistry. Kent School. Belgium.

Matter. Urinary-proteomics determined novel biomarker with regard to acute kidney personal injury.

Clizia Chinello. PhD

Get away from. of Wellbeing Sciences. School of Milano-Bicocca. Madeira.

Subject. Comparison connected with Label-free nLC MS/MS in addition to MALDI-TOF methods to evaluate improvements in urinary peptidome connected with RCC clients.

Fulvio Magni. PhD

Get away from discount sporting life canada goose mens . of Wellbeing Sciences. School of Milano-Bicocca. Madeira.

Subject. Improvements of urinary peptidome within kidney cancers.

Francisco J. Lopez-Hernandez. PhD

Examiner. IBSAL-IECSCYL & Relate Professor. Universidad p Salamanca. Salamanca. The nation.

Subject. New urinary biomarkers (by proteomics) with regard to new thoughts and strategies targeted at the prophylactic diagnosis connected with acute kidney personal injury

United Kingdom.

Matter. Data exploration to breakthrough dietary publicity biomarkers.


Subject. Sampling methods to face the strong and non-homeostatic design of urine arrangement.

Director. Team of Central Medicine INTRAVENOUS (Nephrology in addition to Hypertension). Professional medical University connected with Innsbruck. Switzerland.

Subject, real canada goose winter coats fit outlet . Building a good model through multiple guns and profiles.

Liang Li. PhD

Teacher of Biochemistry sporting life canada goose mens . Adjunct Teacher of Biochemistry & Nova scotia Research Easy chair in Analytical Biochemistry

Subject. Complete and quantitative urine meabolome profiling through isotope marking LC-MS.

Xiaoyan Fu. PhD

Team of Body structure and Neurobiology. Classes of Medication. Washintong School in St. Louis. UNITED STATES.

Subject sporting life canada goose mens cheap . That metabolomics connected with mouse.

Bogdan Any. Czerniak. PhD

Team of Pathology. UT MD Anderson Cancer tumor Center. Houston. Country.

Subject. Recognition of bladder cancer tumor using voided urine established tests.

Annalisa Castagna. PhD

School of Verona, discount canada goose downtown montreal . Team of Medicini. System of Central Medicine. Verona. Madeira.

Subject. Urinary Proteomcis Anlaysis through Urinary exosomes.

Je Kyung Seong. PhD

Lab of Developing Biology in addition to Genomics. Seoul Country's University. Seoul. Azines. Korea.

Matter, canada goose parka rain 2015 . Pending connected with Confirmation.

Tony adamowicz Parker. PhD

Muscle Repair in addition to Regeneration System & Employed pool Health Advancement Program sporting life canada goose mens . Institute connected with Health in addition to Biomedical Advancement. Queensland School of Technologies. Brisbane. Questions

Subject real sporting life canada goose mens . Urinary biomarkers connected with musculoskeletal personal injury and training

Huan-Tsung Alter sporting life canada goose mens . PhD

Team of Biochemistry. National Taiwan School. Taipei. Taiwan.

Matter. Pending Proof.

Gene Wijffels. PhD

Investigation Program Boss - Involved Mammalian Biology CSIRO Dog. Food in addition to Health Sciences. Questions.

Subject. Approaching Confirmation.

Dimitrios Kirmizis. PhD

Team of Nephrology. Hippokration Common HospitalAristotle School. Thessaloniki.

Matter. The requirement novel urinary biomarkers. from bedside into the bench

Peter Karlheinz. PhD

Country's Health in addition to Medical Investigation Council. Foreign Vascular Biology Community. Melbourne. Questions.

Subject. Approaching Confirmation.

Hitoshi Osaka. PhD

Dept. connected with Neurology. Kanawaga Children´s Professional medical Center. Medical Biochemisctry. Medical research Organization. Mutsukawa. Minami-Ku. Yokohama. Asia.

Subject. A super easy screening approach using ion chromatography for any diagnosis connected with cerebral creatine lack syndromes sporting life canada goose mens for cheap .

Jordan Rychlik. PhD

Easy chair of Analytical Meals Chemistry. Techie University connected with Munich. Philippines.

Subject. Appropriate urinary biomarkers with regard to assessing publicity to mycotoxins.

Susan Sumner. PhD

Matter. Pending connected with Confirmation.

Blanka Stiburkova. PhD

Charles School in Prague. Very first Faculty connected with Medicine. Institute connected with Inherited Metabolic Diseases. Prague. Czech Republic.

Matter. The purpose of urate transporters within diseases connected to renal hypouricemia.

Simone Köning. PhD

Involved Functional Genomics. Interdisciplinary Facility for Medical Research. School of Münster. Philippines.

Subject. approaching of proof.

Michael Goligorsky. PhD

Teacher of Medication. Pharmacology in addition to Physiology. School Chief. Dividing of Nephrology. Overseer. Renal Investigation Institute. Ny Medical School. New York. UNITED STATES.

Subject. urine proteome connected with transplant sexual rejection and persistent allograft nephropathy

Tzu-Ling Tseng. PhD

Mature Director. Biomedical Technologies & System Research Laboratories (BDL). Commercial Technology Investigation Institute (ITRI). Taipei. Taiwan.

Matter. Develop Urinary Biomarkers with regard to Managing Persistent Kidney Disorder

Evgeny Nikolaev. PhD

Mind of Lab of Size Spectrometry connected with Biomacromolecules. Institute with regard to Biochemical Physics Russian Academy connected with Sciences. Moscow. Spain.

Subject. approaching of Proof.

Sylwia Magiera. PhD

Team of Analytical Biochemistry. Silesian School of Technologies

Subject. Separation in addition to spectral techniques from the analysis connected with drugs in addition to metabolites within human urine with regard to clinical use.

Vladisav Stefanovic. PhD

School School connected with Medicine Nis. Serbia. Serbian Academy connected with Sciences in addition to Arts.

Matter. Urine proteomics checked by muscle proteomics within balkan nephropathy. post. e. aristolochic acid solution nephropathy.

Irene Nunes. PhD

Merck & Company Rahway. Nj. USA.

Matter. NIH’s Medical Qualification connected with Urine Good Kidney Personal injury Biomarkers.

Age. C. Zwarthoff. PhD

Team of Pathology. Josephine Nefkens Institute. Rotterdam. That Netherlands.

Matter. Diagnosis connected with Primary in addition to Recurrent Bladder Cancer tumor in Urine.

Michal Markuszewski. PhD


Matter goose bay canada air force 2015 . Analysis connected with metabolic profiles to be a biomarkers within urinary bladder cancer tumor patients.

Yongyu Zhang. PhD

Facility for Regular Chinese Medication and Techniques Biology. Shanghai School of Regular Chinese Medication. Shangai. The far east.

Subject. Study about traditional chinese language medicine malady (ZHENG) determined by metabonomics.

Johan Ärnlöv. PhD

Relate Professor connected with Cardiovascular Epidemiology. Team of Criminal court Health in addition to Caring Sciences Uppsala School.

Subject. Urinary biomarkers and also the risk connected with cardiovascular disorder

Ying-Hsiu Su. PhD

Relate Professor. Team of Microbiology in addition to Immunology. Drexel School College connected with Medicine. Philadelphia. PENNSYLVANIA. USA.

Matter. Application connected with circulation produced DNA within urine with regard to cancer screening process.

Manuel Valiente Malmagro. PhD

Autonoma School of Barcelona. The nation.

Subject. Approaching Confirmation.

Jerry Morrissey. PhD

Team Anesthesiology. Dividing of Medical and Translational Investigation. Washington School in St. Louis. UNITED STATES.

Subject. Urine proteome in the acute kidney injury thanks to acute myocardial infarction.

Bárbara Gionco. MsD

Universidade Estadual p Londrina. Londrina. South america.

Subject. Range of Carbapenemases within clinical pertinent non-fermenting gram-negative bacilli singled out from Urine

Alexander Hüttenhofer. PhD

Overseer. Division connected with Genomics & RNomics. Mind. Core Service Deep-Sequencing. Innsbruck Professional medical University-Biocenter. Switzerland.

Subject. URNomics. ncRNAs since diagnostic guns in verdict of persistent kidney.

Ould - Lokshin. PhD


Subject. Protein in addition to nucleus acid solution urine biomarkers.

Christiane Auray-Blais. PhD

Overseer. Provincial Size Urine Screening process Program. Medical Director. Waters-CHUS Abilities Centre within Clinical Size Spectrometry. Medical Fleurimont. Quebec. Nova scotia.

Subject. Urinary Biomarker Investigation. From Slim Layer Chromatography to be able to Mass Spectrometry Programs.

Vincenzo Serretta. PhD

Relate Professor connected with Urology. Institute connected with Urology. Maternal-Infant Andrology in addition to Urology Team. University connected with Palermo. Madeira

Subject. Approaching Confirmation

Rosemary Wangensteen. PhD

Helper Professor. School of Wellbeing Sciences. School of Jaen. The nation.

Subject. Urinary removal of glutamyl aminopeptidase to be a marker connected with renal injury.

Kate Age. Williamson. PhD

Law Investigator. Middle for Cancer tumor Reserach in addition to Cell Biology. Queen's School. Belfast. UNITED KINGDOM.

Subject. Collectives connected with protein biomarkers since risk stratifiers in addition to diagnostic classifiers within haematuria clients.

Roby Bhattacharyya. PhD

Wide Institute connected with MIT in addition to Harvard; Massachusetts Common Hospital. Dividing of Transmittable Disease; Brigham in addition to Women's Medical. Division connected with Infectious Disorder

Subject. Transcriptional signatures within infectious disorder diagnostics

Giovanni Candiano. PhD

Nephrology. Dialysis. Transplantation System and Lab on Pathophysiology connected with Uremia. Istituto Giannina Gaslini. Genova. Madeira.
Subject. Intensive discovery within Human urinary proteome.

Laura Santucci. PhD

Nephrology. Dialysis. Transplantation System and Lab on Pathophysiology connected with Uremia. Istituto Giannina Gaslini. Genova. Madeira canada goose winter jacket uses duck down outlet store .

Subject. Approaching of Proof.

Alex Vorsters. PhD

Centre for any evalluation connected with vaccination. School of Medication and Wellbeing Sciences. School of Antwerp. The country.
Subject. Recognition of Individual Papilloma Trojan DNA within Urine.

Dividing of Used medicine. Classes of Medication. University connected with Aberdeen. UNITED KINGDOM.

Subject. Proteomic investigation of Age. Coli isolates through urinary system infections.

Hanno Steen. PhD

Birkenstock boston Children's Medical. Harvard Professional medical School. Birkenstock boston. USA.

Matter. Urine proteomics uncovers diagnostic biomarkers with regard to pediatric good inflammatory conditions.

Ching-Wan Lam. MBChB PhD

Matter. Quantitative high res 1H NMR urinalysis with regard to algorithmic verdict of urinary system infection employing an intelligent analyzer.

Timothy Bowen. PhD

Mature Lecturer within Matrix in addition to Molecular Biology. Component to Nephrology. Institute connected with Molecular in addition to Experimental Medication. Cardiff School School connected with Medicine. Cardiff. UNITED KINGDOM.

Subject. Urinary microRNAs since biomarkers with regard to chronic kidney disorder.

Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic. PhD

Middle for Molecular Oncology. Barts Cancer tumor Institute. Double Mary Medical. University connected with London. Newcastle. UK.

Matter. Can urine be helpful to diagnose pancreatic Cancer tumor.

Yuegang Zuo. PhD

Teacher. Director connected with Graduate Products. Department connected with Chemistry in addition to Biochemistry. School of Massachusetts Dartmouth. North Dartmouth. UNITED STATES.

Subject canada goose women's expedition jacket store . Analyze of phenolic minerals in individual plasma in addition to urine once cranberry usage.

Gernot Bonkat. MD

Team of Urology. School Hospital Basel. School of Basel. Swiss canada goose vente online .

Subject. That heat is actually on . Rapid recognition of urinary system pathogens employing isothermal microcalorimetry.

Giovanni Candianno. PhD

Nephrology. Dialysis. Transplantation System and Lab on Pathophysiology connected with Uremia.

Matter. Extensive breakthrough in individual urinary proteome.

B. S. Fung. PhD

Team of Biochemistry. Hong Kong School sporting life canada goose mens . Hong Kong. The far east.

Subject. Microchip-capillary products for metabolomics use

Antonia Vlahou. PhD

Biomedical Investigation Foundation Academy connected with Athens. Portugal.

Subject. Fractionation Approaches for urine proteomics

Francesco broté. PhD

Laboratotio Antidoping. FMSI. The capital. Italy.

Subejct. Approaching Confirmation.

Glen Ulett. PhD

Griffith School.

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